You’re not. but you are..

Known answers but same question repeats.
Known facts but heart aches to belive
Known prospects with ever claiming dreams
Known theory yet forever prevailing hypothesis

Some nights are meant to pass
Some dawn shows rays of new hope
Authenticity lies in art of distraction
Anticipation leads to wrong presumptions

Immortalization is fairy a fantasy
You give more than you get
Imbalance strikes when you strike a perfect balance
Past kills even though present is calm and future is hopefull

Not all history should be repeat
Not all days are dusky
There is bright tomorrow
There is a reason to smile

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Chillness of Dusk

Cold breezes takes rims

The interactions call us together

Genius is the warm cuddles 

Cutting edges of rawness

Lyrics are language with words

True literature is the music of nights

Hums a merry tune with soothen buzz

prospective togetherness with poetic interests.

Some dreams are delusions

Leads to connectios that are delightful

Dusk leaps to make earthly paradise 

It embeds deep with roots of promised future

A Chant, A tune, A Merry

All started with tiny chats 
All you needed is a smile,
smiling for you 
Three monkeys to three knots 
From two to three 
Rolling bottle to shiny sands.
Smoke that lit up or walk in lost moon
light ...
lakes and
windows that heard our stories..
Every glass we cheer to add color

Naughty talks to deep cries 
That blush that stays just a glance 
Mature yet childish 
Need to grasp and never let go 

Here is your wife.. 
Waiting for you..  
Let's walk along 
Let's grow grey together

Stay a little longer for now 
Forever and forever little longer 
And love me just like you do..
And the tune continues
till I breathe Last.

Waiting for Sunshine

To wait is true love for life
Prayers are true hope
Memories are warm..
Rewind in slowness..

True fight for human race 
One glance one touch 
Never dreamt a day 
Need to live need to stay 

Just a wait .. clean wait.
Daily chores makes the sun raise and set
Home my home 
Just that sweets is Missing

Life slows for asking it's value
Fotune spins it's wheel 
Mighty nature takes the toll. 
Indeed waiting for sunshine 

What calls you …

What calls you are mine
That smile That pride .
What calls this is ours
That grin for mistakes known

What calls the making ..
The roof that makes you safe 
What calls the trust 
The tiny fingers that hold you tight 

What calls the satisfaction
The feeling to let go
What calls the hunger 
The reason to breathe more 

And again 
What calls you are mine
Reasons unknown  
But yes you are mine 
And that I know 

Spin the Coin in Air

If i am right or wrong hold my hand
If i am stupid or wise help me think 
If i am sad or happy let us smile it 
If i am fresh or dim let it pass along 
If i am fast or slow let's walk together

Roles of 'i' may be you or me  & might flip
But let's be in same one coin for this life 
It's a true treasury to keep the coin
We might shift places values positions or pursues 
But what matters is us being together 

Lets spin up and fly
Lets toss and make each other happy
Life is fragile and beautiful
Our breathe is a treasure 
Two sides of coin never meets, 
But can never be apart as well. 
Truly Complimentary to each other 
Warmly Completing each other.

It's ok let us flip and shine 
But let's shine, sometimes you.. sometimes me 
lets make each other win or 
lets spin the coin in air

Chimes and Vibes

Many seasons pass..
new chimes every time..
Don make wait .
Don drench me in love..
Purest of heart I know
Strongest hand ever held
Just a dream hun …
Stay the same forever

Your vibes are so vital..
Common baby .. don make me Halt
Holder me closer..
Warmth of your hugs..
Glare of your eyes ….
Buzz in your breathe
Captures my merry tear.

Your smile completes me
Just be present 
Just be my confidence 
Just bear my tantrums 
Even they are just for you being around 

Kid is our perfect reflection.. 
Our charm flies around 
Naughty is a too simple term.. 
Our tiny bud slowing bloomin

Romance compliments beauty 
True inner beauty that draw me more closer 
Memories warms us regardless of the season. 
Every chapter adds another beautiful page 

Common let’s write more    
No one to read 
No one to write 
No one to judge 
It’s just us for us by us 

Social Smile 😊

Making one smile in solitude

Gratitude to each of passing smile

Every passing face has an emotion to narrate..

Never expressed.. never told..

Back down each home has a story to narrate 

Warm Sad ignored happy but nevermind 

Acquaintance knows  nothing but yet just a smile..

Balancing each unknown thought .

Carrying a merry balancing the soul.

Some genuine some happy

Yet some cunning yet some sour eye..

Just smile away ..

Smile to live smile to make a inner beauty..

Smile is a jewel to treasure

Garnishing the trueness to glitter

 Carry a social smile.. Carry your own beauty

Ma’ am my mummy came


Priceless hugs & Best words..
Merriness flows when I pick my daughter..
Even though you choose the best of best..
Day care is hardest step for any mom..
That Spark in the eyes that glitters..
Been three years darling nothing much has changed in that SPARK,
From carry to crawl to walk ..
Now you come running..
Now you come shouting loud.. happy..
Ma’am my mummy came
Now you have grown to tell me cute complaints
about naughty brats just like you..
Waiting for their mammas to come
To say just the same..
Ma’am my mummy came
Now you name dishes that you have eaten..
You name the games you played..
You shout to your friends …
Hey.. look.. see MY mummy came..
Best words this life heard
beating everything else..When in greatest of pains ..
‘Shwetha it’s a daughter..’
Now my daughter says in same joy and pride
Ma’am my mummy came..
Hey.. look.. see MY mummy came..


What questions the evolution..
Human race demands care…
Law of attraction prevails the world…
Law of divisions destroys it all..    

What questions the real need..
Sense of trueness with a sense of true self
Law of trust demands love
Law of love demands only true trust  

What questions a true embodiment
Sense of maturity with a sense of last fullness
Law of ignorance assures peace
Law of peace concords to overlook  

What questions yours happiness
Degree of commitment with Degree of hardwork
Law of commitment amends gratification
Law of tranquility is just Utmost Harmony